written & performed by Sarah Patin

directed & edited by Clare Brennan

FRI 1/24 & 1/31 @ 7 PM

Prop Thtr

Part of Curious Theatre Branch & Prop Thtr's

31st Annual RhinoFest

To be a millennial Creole is to embody conflict. Through memory, familial voices, objects from the past, and recipes that read like spells, Sarah asks what it means to reclaim such a specific history. When your ancestors are both the colonized and the colonizers, when your past muddles devils and the oppressed, how do you stand fully in the present? What does your body know about where it came from? In this piece, Sarah searches for tools to answer these questions and tries to learn how to use them.

Special thanks to Fran E. Gallagher, Matthew Gregory Hollis, Greg Stephen Reigh, Stefan Brun, Marlana Carlson, Olivia Lilley, H Schenck, Wyatt Kent, Spencer Ryan Diedrick, Marie Slottow, Melissa Cornfield, Rachel Velez Kermath, Kelsey McGrath, Zach Barr, Brittany Batell, Jeff Kelley, Kevin Dwan, Megan Breen, Dom Kindler, Max Hayden, Carolyn Alam, John Brennan, Ben Kaye, Mike Selep, Jenn Geiger, Greg DuChane, Anna Trachtman, Matthew Flickinger, Mari Aleman, Joe DuChane, Margaret Kellas, Maggie Radelet, Danny Turek, Emma Beauchamp, Carolyn Alam, Eddie Brennan, Aaron Sawyer, Kate McGregor, Lindsay Eagle, and Lynne Baker. 

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